Friday, January 27, 2012

Standing On the Threshold

I've been writing Run Like Hell since July 2011.  An idea that came to me and has lived in me for months now.  I've edited, edited, and edited - sent out for editing, and then re-edited.  Now it's time to let it go...

The eBook is almost ready - a final review, the cover is being created as I write, and then it will be posted on Amazon.

I'm excited about this journey - excited and scared.  I read many blogs & articles about author's and their writing journey's.  Now that I'm on the threshold of self-publication I'm hesitant to jump off the diving board. 

The pool of reviews, comments, feedback - whether good or bad, is daunting.  Criticism can be paralyzing.  Praise can detrimental - making one complacent.  How will I deal with the feedback?  Thick skin?  Too sensitive?  Time will tell.

I know I have to jump in.  I'm about to.  Once the cover is completed I will have my book listed on Amazon and will be following up shortly after with eBook #2 which I am currently editing.

Many thanks go out to my husband, my mother, my brother, and close friends!  This has been an incredible journey and I continue to forge ahead in my writing career, despite the feedback that will soon come.

Thank you all for your support and please download a copy of Run Like Hell as soon as it's available.

Happy Reading,


Monday, January 2, 2012

New Year = Better Me

January 2012.  It's finally arrived.

I'm focused on becoming a better version of myself.

Last year I resolved to be happier, based on the acclaimed book The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin.  Gretchen's book filled a void for me in 2010 when my life was stressful due to a demanding and tumultuous job.  Her book influenced my life in 2011 and the stress swept away (as did the job!) and I learned to appreciate the smaller things in life.

This year I resolve to be better - a better writer, a better mother, a better wife, a better friend.

Be a better writer - in December I took an amazing online editing class and received many tips on tightening my writing, enhancing dialogue, "show don't tell", and how to incorporate sight, smell and sound into my stories.  All these tips I plan on carrying over and improving in 2012. 

Be a better mother - I have three sons and some days I tuck them in at night and think, "I've been home with them all day yet I haven't spent any time with any of them."  Little moments - reading a book, helping them with homework, sitting beside them and listening to their day - need to be cherished rather than overlooked.  I'm often stretched to my limits but I need to drop what I'm doing and focus on each of them, even if it's fifteen minutes.

Be a better wife - My husband and I have committed to once-a-month-date-night.  Okay, "once a month" may cause alarm but it's a step in the right direction.  We rarely go out without the kids but we realize the importance of maintaining our relationship and interests.  We've been happy with our at-home-date-nights this past year but now desire something new & different.  For instance, there's a Sands casino an hour away that I'd like to go to - eat out, play some slots...sounds like a date to me.

Be a better friend - I admit I've put friendship on my priority list this past year and have reaped the rewards.  Nothing beats a gut-busting laugh fest.  Yesterday my friend dropped her kids off and her ridiculousness (her one-car New Year's Day parade) had me laughing the rest of the day each time I thought about her waving at my neighbors through her sunroof.  Silly, but just the right medicine for happiness and a better me.  In turn, I resolve to listen better.  I find I'm alone alot of the time that when I have company I'm desperate to talk! 

May the journey begin!

Health, Wellness & Happiness to all - Happy New Year!