Wednesday, February 29, 2012

My First Author Interview!!!

With any debut, self-published novel, the key to any sales is marketing.  Fortunately, there are some wonderful people out there that make the process fun and easy.  Take Michele Fogal for instance.  On her blog she has opened "The Author's Batcave" and has featured me as her first author interview. 

Just because a little color makes me happy!
 Yes, I'm smiling (big grin).  Therefore, please stop by the Batcave and read my first author interview here.  Anything you're still wondering about??? Comment below - I'll be happy to answer (most) questions...

Have a wonderful Wednesday & visit your local comic store today to support a local business as well as fellow artists & writer's.


  1. Cool interview. And a happy Wednesday to you, as well!

  2. Thanks so much for being my 1st author in the Interview Series! It was my heart-swelling pleasure to host you and so great to learn more about you and your work! Please drop us a line when your new book is out? We'd love to hear more from the Great Elena Andrews!