Thursday, February 16, 2012

A Sherbert Rainbow of Book Covers!

Ok - similiar to the last post, I'm looking for fan faves for COLOR!  Be honest - do you favor blue, green, white, pink...and why?  Any particular impression the color provides, a feeling it ilicits?  The below covers were created by @JohnMCokerArt.  Don't be shy - say "Hi" and follow him on Twitter.  He's friendly, I promise.  And please visit Amazon or B&N for Run Like Hell - now available.

1) Pink
2) Pink w/ B&W
3) Lavender

4) White

5) Blue
6) Green


  1. I think the white is easier to read. The letters in your name and book title stand out but that's a boring choice so I'll go with blue.

  2. I agree, I think that white is the best, but I don't think it's boring :)

    Congrats on the good work!

  3. i like the pink it makes it stand out alot more & brings attention to the cover

  4. Pink or lavender works for me. The lavender is more moody while the pink leaves a little hop in the step....

  5. Put me on team pink. It definately catches your attention in a crowd of other covers

  6. Thank you for your comments! I'm getting a good vibe from the feedback! Thanks so much!!!

  7. White, Pink w b&w, Blue, Green, Purple, Pink w color