Tuesday, March 13, 2012

"Hangover" Birthday: Ladies-Night-Out

Friday night had all the elements for the perfect "Hangover" evening - stretch limo, friends, casino, and alcohol.

As my friends filed into my house Friday night - dressed to go out & wearing heels that made my flats look pitiful - my first thought was "What's going on?" followed by, "I need to change!"

After my friends arrived, wine began flowing so I ducked into my room, changed, then was told by my husband & brother that the big surprise would arrive shortly.  No sooner had they mentioned it when a white stretch limo parked in my driveway.  The kids hollered and excitedly piled into the limo while my friends and I grabbed the alcohol and followed them outside.

The evening was getting better & better!

I had a "milestone" birthday last week so my husband & older brother organized the surprise ladies-night-out for me.  Up until six o'clock I thought I was going to the casino with my mom that night - little did I know that seven of my best friends would be accompanying us and we'd be taking a limo.

As we waved farewell to family, we settled into the limo and toasted to an exciting night ahead. The hour long drive to the casino would go quickly, I presumed, with all the laughter, jokes, stories and alcohol flowing in the limo.  But halfway to the casino I started feeling nauseous and thankfully grabbed a plastic bag I stored my "thongs" in (aka flip-flops but my Mom apparently calls them "thongs").

Until that moment, I didn't know limos made me car-sick!!!!  I felt much better afterwards and we had a GREAT time at the casino, but needless to say I sat with the limo driver up front on the way home while my girlfriends laughed & carried on in the back.

We didn't wake up in a hotel room with a tiger in the bathroom, BUT we had a great time.  I owe my girlfriends another night out (minus the limo & car sickness) but it will be a birthday I'll never forget!  And believe me - they won't let me forget it either :)


  1. Well, let me just offer you a belated "Happy Birthday!"

    Sounds like a great birthday. I will never get a chance to ride in a limo with my friends, because I don't really have any friends. lol

    Wow, have I really gotten to be that much of a hermit? Oh well!

  2. Thanks for the B-day wishes, Diane!